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What we offer

All our courses are formulated to the desired topics of those attending, for our new as well as our returning students. The different practices listed below can be combined for experiences tailored toward particular groups. Our focus is on holistic well-being.

In addition to the material covered in a course, private consultation times are also available. Please contact us at for more information.

Image of overlapping circles with elements of holistic well-being


This is a movement-based practice, also known as “flying” or personal navigation. By meeting obstacles in our thoughts, and emotions and tension in our bodies, we find a way out of these blockages. Motion in the physical environment enables us to move with fluidity, balance, and coordination in daily life. This practice also enables us to recognize the obstructions in our thought and our environment, and enables us to make adjustments without breaking the rhythm.


This is self-care, through physical poses. Ho’omanamana brings about a deep knowledge of our own bodies, connections to our emotions, and breath. Recognizing any blockage and releasing this blockage is vital in preparation to be able to perform bodywork. With this body ‘inventory”

we become more aware of how to move and proceed when giving bodywork. This work is done with the knowledge how everything in our own body is connected, and that energy that flows withing this body has a unique rhythm. According to Kahu Abraham, “your body is your container–all good and all bad is there and can be rearranged to contribute to you.”

Kahuna Bodywork

A bodywork practice that becomes an extension and application of breath, flowing movement, and compassion with ourselves as we follow the “script” of the body on the table. This practice should benefit both the practitioner and the recipient.

Huli Honua

This practice focuses on evaluating the structures we work or live in. Above all, it helps us become aware of how the structures we live in affect our wellbeing. We also look at what kind of enhancements can be made in our surroundings to maximize the support and nurturing effects of our workplace and living place.

Personal Development Coaching

This is a personalized consultation that involves finding solutions to concerns by application of universal principles. Participants will learn Kahuna Principles and apply them to specific situations in their everyday lives.

Stress Management

Stress management practices focus on creating a harmonious flow of energies, and so creating a win-win situation for ourselves and for those around us. We center on the idea of inclusion­– finding a useful placement of what is before us, and moving it into what can be or what we would like to be.


Kahu saw prayer as a statement to our mind. He believed that there is nothing we cannot change. Each of us has the potential to promote a better life by the statements we make to our minds. Prayer practice begins by recognizing what is, and what can be changed on the way to a better version.

“Sometimes we must say yes to the no and move in a more contributing direction. There is nothing we cannot move to achieve that yes.

–Kahu Abraham Kawai’i