April Newsletter


The energies at work on our planet and in our lives have accelerated  tremendously in the last weeks. In understanding how to manage ourselves in this playground it is useful to understand a few principles.

Carl Jung spoke of archetypes and archetypal  energies. As a template, Huna speaks of Huna principles. Energy cannot be created or destroyed: a principle of western science.

Kahuna Abraham Kawaii taught Papa Hui or Kahuna Principle.

What is a Kahuna Principle?

A principle is a template, if you will, of how things in life function. A principle is a way to gauge a situation that one finds oneself in – beyond personal reactions, personal assessments or personal biases.

It is a tool to enables one to move in situations that one has not previously experienced or trained in. A principle  is a tool with which to meet life with dignity and solutions. To live by principle is to enter an unknown situation as if one has always known how to do or be in that situation. A principle is a tool that helps one identify a situation in terms of the energy of that situation and the motion of that energy.

Energy flows where attention Goes. This is a principle often quoted in Huna studies. This way of expression makes this a directive to the mind of the one who is applying this principle; it requires you to monitor where your thoughts focus and how they focus.

Re-set and re-direct is the Kahuna principle. It takes an idea and puts  that idea into action. Awareness, yes, but also immediate application of energy in a situation. It is a call to action: mental, physical and situational.

What practical application does all of this have to one individual?

When great situational or natural shifts occur, the initial result seems to be chaos. This breaking of patterns of thoughts, beliefs and even vast shifts in how we  conduct our life releases great energy. Old structures that we are willing to support at great cost no longer function as we would like them to. The great amount of energy that is freed up and can generate great turmoil. Some try to shore up the old systems at all costs. Others wander in confusion or sadness. By Kahuna principle this energy is immediately directed into action so the momentum of it works in our favor and not against us.

When we look at this chaotic energy by principle, moving aside our personal ideas of what should be, we are looking at how things are moving and what effect they might have when redirected through conscious choices and actions on our part. As we question our world and the way we operate  much emotional energy is released. It can be sensed as fear, uncertainty, loss of control over how we do our life or great excitement. As the certainties become uncertainties, many assumptions no longer function.

It is our  great opportunity then to acknowledge this fact and to take the energy that is now available, free of the old ways of doing or being,  and to to set new ways of being and doing into  motion.

Re-set and re-direct is a principle which uses what is already present and available to be reformed into a different reality.


as certain as the sun shall rise and touch us all
as certain as the mountains rise and trees will grow tall
as certain as the waves of prosperity will come to the shore
as certain as stars sparkle there shall always be more

as certain as i, we, will go to, come from or stand upon
as certain as when clarity and awarness be
no obstacles will stand
as we re-set, re-direct and continue to move on.

Kahu Abraham Kawai‘i   © Na Pua ‘Olohe 1998

Great best wishes to all who are on the path and continue to move on!

Ho’okahi tamara Ho’oulu