September Newsletter

In writing this news letter I would like to update you on our activities and also give you some food for thought. Decisions – life changing decisions – seemed to be the theme this year.

What to do? What not to do? What is right for me???

So I offer this up as intellectual stimulus and perhaps inspiration.


They both bring freedom. Freedom from ambiguity, guessing, and waiting. To say unequivocally yes or no means you have taken on the responsibility and power of making a move. Both yes and no create motion, and once you are moving it becomes really easy to access whether you are moving in the direction you want to or not.

External interruptions and changing your mind signals that there is no driver: the vehicle is being jerked around. Most, in the name of compromise, eat up this confusion and no one ends up really getting exactly what they want. This confusion leads to low level of achievement and satisfaction and often leads to what we call stress or burn out.

So what to do?

One of the most valuable tools we have is communication: how we frame statements regardless of their content so that they have upward movement and expansive energy. Statements can be made so that they acknowledge others, suggest a win/win solution and at the same time are clear as to what you want.

It does not matter whether these are statements to your own mind or statements said verbalized to another person, another being, or the universe. You do not need to know details of how this will be achieved. Erase the idea “this is not possible in my reality.” By moving with an idea or a direction, other elements  come into play. Elements that assist in the achievement of what you have declared in initial statement appear in your life and your environment the moment you make a move – any move.

When one makes expanded, compassionate statements, they open the doors of possibility not only for themselves but for the listener as well. With a modicum of respect for the other, all will gain excitement in looking for a possible solution.  There is nothing so rewarding as cooperating on an “impossible” situation and coming up with solutions.

Everyone wants to be a winner.

Ambiguity stands in the way of one of the greatest truths: if we have clarity and compassion anything is possible and everything is possible. That is the true spirit of a team and a family and  it is the true nature of the spirit of aloha.

This year so far has been a year of great motion and fullness at Na Pua ‘Olohe. Our workshops continue with a great deal of interest in I Nana®, a method of hot stone work. It is very rewarding to see how quickly students step into the state of sensitivity and awareness that is necessary for this work. In the Kahuna tradition you must be impeccable in doing this type of work. The group in March and April, especially, had a very good time practicing on each other. And so far the students have all stepped up to the challenge of this training.

In June there was a wonderful visit to Byron Bay.

Having landed in Sydney the night of the light show on the Opera House, I could ask for no more. But more good stuff came my way. The courses that were taught were Kahuna Bodywork and Personal Development. Ross and Daniele of Bien Etre organized the courses which were held at Ansara, their home. We had an awesome team of blokes cooking breakfast and dinner, alternating with us “laydies” taking our turn as well. As usual, Mradula held down the fort in the dessert department and was the soul and heart of the kitchen.

Of course this time, and high time too, she was kicked out of the kitchen and sent to the classroom. I think she appreciated it.  This time I actually had a couple of days to touring -and enjoyed visiting some of the older towns in that part of Australia. Met some wonderful new new students there.

It seemed as well that the “oldies” that came for that course really moved far forward. As always giving Geomancy suggestions in Australia is very exciting. The land there is still so alive and in the constant flux of the dream-  amazing things show themselves every time. So our evenings were spent making adjustments to students homes. Then back to Hawaii where Ed Stumpf and Nanako brought in a group of students who are doing a graded series of courses: a fast-track to learning Kahuna Bodywork.

This was a most wonderful group. We worked at amazing speed & achievements were extraordinary – VERY LITTLE SLEEP, as usual. We also had a LOT of fun,

They all got their assignments of what they needed to put into practice to achieve the next.

A lovely group of people who will be coming back for more food, tears, fun and photo opportunities!!!! And the next time some more singing too!

In August we had returning students who went as far back as 1992- it was an intense workshop where lots of things were worked out.

The next group of ladies had the experience of working things out in their sleep and on the beach. Two very different energies.

All this sandwiched in between family visits!

And who said this was going to be a slow year??

I am looking forward to seeing what the rest of the year will bring.

Remember everything is possible if you give the Universe a chance