May Newsletter

We are fresh off the wings of a most successful course in Hawaii. The workshops, which were to have taken place in Munich and Herford, were rerouted at the last moment to the beautiful island of Oahu.

It was a perfect example of the Kahuna Principle of  changing directions in flight.

Change in flight is a the principle that is so wonderfully visible in nature.

When a bird is in flight it makes adjustments to weather conditions and air flows. There is no thought of resisting such elemental forces. There is only moving towards one’s goal by flying over, under, through, or around whatever is in the way of reaching one’s goals.

In our life this principle, if applied, often brings new and wonderful additions to the original idea of the goal.

The students that gathered here last month had  specific topics they wanted to learn about. Usually in a short, two-week course it seems as though there is never enough time to cover more than one or two topics.  This group, because of their sudden change in plans, was energized and open to any possibility.

Time stretched and slowed, becoming elastic. All manner of subjects had the time and space to manifest.
I wish to acknowledge the students’ dedication to themselves.

As exemplified by this course, more often than not once we set out to a goal, the road might twist and turn, there might be detours, but that is exactly what this voyage called life is about.

When we simply move without trying to control and regulate our path the Universe will always  bring us to the next unimaginable spot of learning and insight.

We have created a big plus without any attempt to do anything in particular.

I am looking forward to our May course – it seems the more the world is stirred up by the many changes we are experiencing, the more wealth arises from the depths of our being.

To paraphrase William Shakespeare, whose birthday occurred during the workshop:

To be or not to be is not the question.

What IS has always and will always be the answer.