Na Pua ‘Olohe Update for February

The world today seems to be moving with uncertainty, great fear and lots of wonderful changes become possible. It is a time to get swept up in general uncertainty or a time to manifest the seemingly impossible!

It is difficult to see what our future holds in a vacuum, and it is impossible to act in a vacuum. Luckily our existence is always in flux- more so now- so the opportunities to create and manifest our ideas are endless. All it requires is a commitment to ourselves. Our consciousness requires a context for us to function in and function from. Today’s chaotic world gives us a wealth of opportunity – so much is in  motion and so much is in flux.

To manifest an idea, a dream, or a desire we follow certain stages:
First come thoughts, weighing of possibility versus impossibility, and assessing the probability that our ideas will manifest. Then we get to work on manifesting this idea because we have made the commitment to start the motion.

At this point most will encounter obstacles or opportunities depending on our perspective.
Proponents and opponents sharing their differing views and bitterly disagreeing become the creative team. You and adverse circumstances and obstacles become the team.  Opportunity for solutions and correction or errors happened now.
Refinement of the dream.

This situation generates an opportunity to get to know the working parts: the parts that do not work and allow you to acquire the pieces that will bring your dream into manifestation.

The key principle at work here is perspective.
You must see yourself as operating in a context. The world in which you live now is your context. Your situation, your now, is your context.
You find yourself attempting to manifest an idea within the context of opposition or cooperation or chaos.

Chaos is not you. That chaos is the context in which you are operating.

Opposition or lack is not you. That opposition or lack is the context in which you are operating.
You are the container and your idea is within you is your content.

This content can only manifest when your situation, your context, gives you the tools (the more the better) and defines what is next. In this we see that opposition and support feed us equally. Both are filling out what otherwise would be a vacuum.

They both serve to polish the how-to of this dream.

Contextual power
“I AM” in this situation is very real power.
It is not visible but it is always felt, as are its effects.

Knowing that you are the container within the context of the situation gives you the focus that is necessary for all other parts to come into play.

All else can and will contribute and lead to the manifestation of your dream.


Before me there are none, after me only I

Kahu Abraham Kawai’i