Na Pua ‘Olohe Update for November

Family Traditions in a Shifting World

The end of a year is a time of reflection, tradition and moving towards change.

This Universal energy at this time has been long recognized in all cultures as supportive for the beginning of great endeavors.

“Take the best of the past and evolve it”

At Na Pua ‘Olohe with our student Family and in my own family we have always celebrated this rite of passage.

In December after the winter equinox we celebrate with a Christmas tree and lots of food  as traditionally prepared in my family and Kahu’s Hawaiian family.

We hold a workshop for Creating and Empowering our Vision for the upcoming year.

The focus is on attentiveness to our thoughts and dreams, acknowledgment of our gifts, and moving to empower our wishes and dreams. In my family there are always twelve sorts of sweets that must be consumed, tree decorations to be made, and the twelve course Christmas dinner.  On December 31st we send off our prayers and wishes for the coming year.

Kahu always maintained that the more voices and energy behind a prayer the further it will carry! This year is no different and we get together on the 22 of December to begin preparing for the year ahead.

In keeping with the principle of Abundance we also hold the same celebration on the lunar new year, which is the time that  ancient Hawaiians celebrated with food and ceremony. Many cultures celebrate with the lunar year.

We will have a gathering in January as well to celebrate the lunar new year. We begin  on the 14th to build to the new year on the 26th. In the Year of the Ox we want to make sure that we carry Abundance!

In a universe where the only constants are shifting and change we need to learn how to move with it.

When our own personal experience does not suffice and intelligence and logic fall short of answers, the wisdom of our human nature  and the wisdom of our shared traditions fill in the gaps.

Great Sprit in all of us, Listen! Our voice speaks:
Awaken in us the path to ourselves,
We call out to you:
Let us be in compassion that we may not fear
Let us be in abundance that we may laugh and have joy
Let us be in good health balance and harmony
Awaken in us the path  to the fulfillment of our self.