Na Pua ‘Olohe Update for September

Aloha Everyone! A very busy summer is winding down… only to speed up again with the beginning of September.

The timing of all of this  is highly fitting. September is the month of Kahu’s birthday and this year one of his major projects has reached culmination.

A brief history: In the 1970’s and ’80’s Kahu traveled and taught on the mainland and overseas, spending only a few months of the year in Hawaii. In 1989 Kahu was asked to become involved with the rebuilding and restoration of a Shingon temple in the valley of Lawai on the island of Kauai. He took on this project which is now called the Lawai International Center. It was an opportunity to spend more time in his beloved Hawaii, with all the great kaukau. It was  also an opportunity to create a work of great magnitude in this realm and spiritual realms.

To help clear the land, the first phase of the project, students of Na Pua ‘Olohe came from all over the world. New Zealand, Australia and England sent their representatives to this worthy undertaking. From the Mainland US came some of his students as well.

One of them, Saundra, came “For one month of grounding work and to find some peace of mind”.  She stayed on for fifteen years, grounded and sometimes not so grounded, happy and sometimes not so happy. She became family.

Peace of mind was not easy to find in her own training and with the hundreds of students that came to Na Pua ‘Olohe in those years. Her contributions to the school and our home on Kauai were invaluable. She has our deep appreciation.

In the course of all this time she has also achieved a place as a kitty and doggy grandma par excellence. I hope she has reached her peace of mind, but I believe she is too active and involved in life for that state yet.

On the fourth of September of this year the completion of the first phase of the Lawai project took place. A great wall of stone, in the shape of a turtle, stands in place. The home of the new temple is ready.

The site of the new building was blessed by Archbishop Okimura of the Koboji Shingon Mission in Honolulu. It was my honor to be invited to participate and assist in the ceremony. Kahu’s presence was felt by all, especially strong when we did some ceremonial dirt shoveling.

He would have urged us to go go go go go go!

The building itself is hand carved in the ancient Japanese method and is built with no nails. We expect  that it will be completed within a few months.

I think that this is indeed a fitting birthday present!

Our workshops on Oahu have been exciting and rewarding as well. Some students from Japan are now participating in a series of trainings that will certify them as legitimately doing Kahu’s work in Japan. Their work is in all facets of Kahuna Sciences.

The students from Europe and Australia that participated with us in these last few months have made great professional and personal strides as well.

It is rewarding to see the application of Kahuna Sciences and the many faceted ways that they enliven, accelerate and refine peoples lives.

Until next time, may your way be clear and the breeze at your back.
~ Ho’okahi