Na Pua ‘Olohe Update for June

Aloha! New and exciting things are meant to be delivered in newsletters. So, in breaking with this tradition, we have come up with a few OLD and exciting ideas.

In the eighties and early nineties, when Kahu and I spent our time traveling, he presented his work in shorter and more specific formats. It was a good way for new people to get to know the different aspects of this work. When we settled in Kauai we were able to present longer residential courses. Almost twenty years have passed since those earlier days of travel.

June being the Month of his Death we have, for the past three years, held ceremonies to commemorate that event. These events have been attended by students from all over the planet. We held prayer workshops on these occasions. They were a wonderful opportunity for us to create an imu, without him there to lean on. It was THE TEST!!

This art of cooking will live on with some of his students and certainly his family. I am sure he smiled when our daughters made laulau, built the fire and hauled hot stones. I am sure he chuckled when some of the male students were horrified by this and tried to “help”.

This year I have come to realize that some of the “old stuff” is actually new to many of our current students.

“If you need to look back, then evolve it into the future”

Taking those words as a guiding principle I have formulated what I can only call a “menu” of classes that will be available in conjunction with our longer residential courses. I hope it will be an opportunity for many to taste our work.

Our programs are designed to create desired changes and continuing motion in the lives of the participants. We present material that is readily usable in daily life and can lead to a deepening sense of who we are in this lifetime. Some of the short courses Na Pua ‘Olohe is pleased to present are:

  •  Maximizing energetic support in home of office
  •  Create your career
  •  Fast track business coaching
  •  Resolution of conflicts (ho’oponopono makainana)
  •  Eye Rejuvenation
  •  Visions and Prayer
  •  Body mapping
  •  Geomancy (Hawaiian feng shui)
  •  Stress relief for face and neck
  •  Healthy joints
  •  Self care
  •  Reading your environment
  •  i na na ® stone
  •  Family and body connection
  •  lomi oluli
  •  lomi oluea

Wishing everyone a life’s voyage of Joy and Fulfillment.
~ Ho’okahi