Na Pua ‘Olohe Update

A Message from Ho‘okahi

Aloha! We are finally back in Hawaii after our month teaching in Germany.  The last courses in Munich were truly awe inspiring!

Our bodywork class consisted of people who had undergone previous training with various teachers. I was able to take the class into a new “old” direction, which was a treat. For the first five days of the course we practiced lomi ‘oluli which has not been taught since the mid-eighties.

Lomi ‘oluli is a form of bodywork designed for acceleration. It was very well received and the results were wonderful. Although some of the “old” students of Na Pua ‘Olohe found it challenging and strange in the beginning, they quickly understood and felt the meaning of the work.

Our course “Empowering Your Prayers” was well received by our students when they experienced the speed with which their wishes manifested. It was both a successful and fun course to teach, participate in and observe.

Back At Home
In Hawaii the momentum of energy we felt in Germany hasn’t stilled. Besides more painting and geomancy around the house there was a lot of dusting and cleaning going on in the month of April upon our return.

The year so far has been wonderful both at home and overseas, where some of our instructors are putting a lot of sweat and labor into the new place, breathing energy and life into it. Ross Kupa’a Walker of Byron Bay, our certified kahuna Bodywork instructor for Australia, did some much need geomancy around the place and Kate Athelwood, a fresh new energy, is bringing a group from Down Under to do the May course.

Students from Germany are coming to the May course as well. Down Under meets the Germanic tribes! It should be good!!

Forward Impetus
Kate, Ross and Danielle are currently busily organizing the events for next October in Australia.

In June we are holding a special testing event for our students from Osaka. An exciting new direction thanks to Ed and Nanako.

Our July and August courses are filling up nicely (despite the decrease in airline flights – so book early!).

It has been a real pleasure having our senior students visit during the home transition. Much appreciation goes out to them for all of their help in this relocation. I think they approve of the changes!

As Kahu used to say: “The Universe is an Entity of motion. Evolution is its Angel. You must Evolve to have Eternity!”

As they say in Japan Gan Bate or Germany Berg rauf. Or we could also say Party On Dudes!!!!!!

Till next time, Ho’okahi
ps Mufi, Skippy, Yoda and Mitzi are getting used to the new digs as well