We offer a variety of workshops and seminars designed by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i to promote personal focus, growth and evolution. Many of our workshops are “intensive,” providing a 24-hour per day immersion into kahuna principles and focus on the individual. This way of teaching is designed to point out the concepts and patterns that create one’s day to day experiences of reality. Successful students learn to expand these concepts and experience changes in relationships, finances, emotions, health and spiritual life.

Our Kahuna workshops are a means to a physical, spiritual and situational alignment. They are designed to bring forth out of the student the awareness of the simplicity of his or her innate self.

To change one’s mind is to change one’s pattern;
To change one’s pattern is to change one’s life.
— Kahu Abraham Kawai’i

All courses are formulated by prior arrangement. The travel schedules and desired topics of new and returning students determine the timing and duration of the courses offered. By not formulating a rigid framework on the workshop, we are able to avoid limitations or frameworks on the achievements of our students. This is one of the applied kahuna principles on which Na Pua ‘Olohe was founded.

Personal Development

Our Personal Development workshop employs one or more of the following mediums: Kahuna Flying (Ka’alele Au), Kahuna Bodywork, Kahuna Geomancy, Kahuna principles of prayer, or Kahuna Coaching.

Kahuna Bodywork

Kahuna Bodywork was developed by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, Kahuna to provide a vehicle for individuals from a western cultural background to expand their consciousness. Our courses begin by guiding our student to an understanding of their selves, their ranges and patterns of movement and continue by teaching students to modify the patterns of movement in everyday life to expand, express, and ultimately free themselves.

Hawaiian Geomancy

Hawaiian Geomancy is the knowledge of how the land, the elements, and the placement of natural and man-made structures affect one another and the flow of natural energies. Our huli honua workshops are studies of how man-made objects interact with natural energies within the design and placement of a space. We offer several types of Geomancy training, including huli honua and Kuhikuhipueoneone.

Kahuna Navigation

Kahuna Navigation is based on a medium that extends itself beyond celestial navigation into navigating the student through innate abilities: the extended sense of smell, sense of hearing, sense of taste, and sense of feeling. Traditional methods of navigation techniques are modified to teach student to successfully apply this knowledge to navigate through every day situations and life.


Our Prayer workshops teach that there is nothing you cannot change; you are a creator. We teach the student that awareness is the first step to understanding that every individual has the capability to promote better health by the way they think. As a focused extension of thought, prayer can create empowerment, experience and change.


Just as our Prayer workshop teaches the individual to promote personal change and empowerment, our Prayer/Blessing workshops take the principles beyond consciousness and intellect and provides a physical context for the application of this medium.

Corporate Coaching

Topics of harmonious flows of energy, dealing with stress and creating win-win situations are presented from the Kahuna perspective. Our corporate coaching consultations and workshops are based the principles of inclusion: the knowledge that one must find useful placements for what is before moving on to what could or should be.

Ka’alele Au

(“Flying” as personal navigation)

Traditionally trained Kahuna Navigators understood themselves to be the center of the universe. Following this principles, navigation training extends itself beyond physical or celestial navigation. Our Ka’alele Au course aligns the patterns of motion and action with the physical self and environment. It enables the individual to navigate with fluidity, balance, and coordination through whatever life’s situations may bring.


(Stretching as awareness of physical, psychological and energetic body and its connection to breath)

Ho’omanamana is the act of taking old, ancient or unused energies and converting them into contributing functions. Our stretching courses combine physical and mental preparation and exercise in the form of ho’omanamana (stretching exercise sequences as body inventory), lima ikaika (strength exercises), ha’iha’i (flexibility exercises), ho’onaopopo i’au (sensitivity exercises), ‘imi na’auao (awareness meditation), and ha’awi’ana (oral presentations of Self).