About Us

Na Pua ‘Olohe (The Flowers of Wisdom) is organized as a Kahuna Personal Transformation and Training Organization that provides workshop and seminar instruction in Ancient Hawaiian Kahuna Principles. Na Pua ‘Olohe was founded by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, Kahuna, for the promotion and teaching of Kahuna Sciences as developed by him for western Culture.

Our Teachings

In your life there are only answers; the questions you may have are merely a way for you to continually rediscover life.
— Kahu Abraham Kawai’i, 1996

Students of Na Pua ‘Olohe travel from all over the world to undergo trainings. They are people from all walks of life and diverse professional background looking to improve their quality of life, traveling from the United States, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland, Sweden, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, The Netherlands, and Belgium. They are committed to changing and refining of their lives.

The teachers of Na Pua ‘Olohe have been trained by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i in kaona and ho’okake, the kahuna use of innate perceptive ability. It is this ability that translates figurative, symbolic and literal reasoning into the functioning principles upon which all of our lectures, workshops and seminars are formatted, making it possible to cross over cultural perspective without limitation and allowing students from across the world to comprehend and apply the principles in their own lives.

Each Na Pua ‘Olohe workshop is unique. The individual participants, the placement and the focus of the group meld together to create an experience that provides maximum movement and evolution within each participant. Materials, lectures, and class experiences grow up around the needs and questions of the students, creating an entirely interactive workshop. Because of this, no two workshops are ever the same.

Our Teachers

Haku Ho’okahi Ho’oulu, Kaukahi

Ho’okahi Ho’oulu has been wife and student of Kahu Abraham Kawai’i for 18 years. She is a recognized and accomplished student of the masters; Hawaiian Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i (ike), Kahuna Aui’ia Maka’i’ole (uliama), and Ho’oulu Lahui Manawehi (kaukahi).

She is the only non-descendant certified and accredited uku’u and ka kua instructor in the world, and is the owner and manager of Na Pua ‘Olohe. Ho’okahai Ho’oulu possesses the eke, a kahuna ancestral container of wisdom, knowledge and spiritual achievement received from the family of kahuna elders for her accomplishments.

Ho’okahai Ho’oulu was given this name by the families and her instructors, who see in her the spirit of time, of uliama (the great prophesies of the Grand Mother) and as a contributing representative and keeper to a sacred way of being.

David Makanani

David Makanani began his training at Na Pua ‘Olohe in 2003, receiving intensive private instruction from Kahu Abraham Kawai’i before becoming a full-time participant and trainer in the organization. His interest in Kahuna principles and bodywork stems from a lifelong dedication in Traditional Tae Kwon Do. Currently holding master rank with a 3rd degree black belt, David Makanani has successfully participated in many national and international tournaments. He finds that his specialized training with Kahu Abraham Kawai’i involving ligament and nerve resetting has allowed him to work well with injured athletes, thus marrying his interests in martial arts and kahuna sciences.

In addition to the training received by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i and Ho’okahi Ho’oulu, David Makanani is a licensed Physiotherapist and studied Philosophy, Psychology and Modern German Literature in Munich.

David Makanani is the only Kahuna Bodywork instructor in Europe certified by Na Pua ‘Olohe.

Faye Kawailani Hope Kumu

As the Kahuna’s hanai daughter, Faye Kawailani lived with him and his teachings for nearly two decades. She absorbed and applied kahuna teachings in a way a rare few have had the opportunity, strength or persistence to.

At the age of 10 she was a staff member with responsibilities and has since become the artistic- and course-director and part-time instructor for Na Pua ‘Olohe, providing them with brochure work and other related materials. Her interests and natural talents lead her towards Hawaiian Geomancy, which she provides in private consultation.

She was given the title Hope Kumu when sanctioned by Kahu Abraham Kawai’i to oversee his words and the new movements of the business when he passed, a title and responsibility she holds with the utmost dedication and honor.